Nick C.

i learned to play piano fast with tri-valley music teacher 


“Troy helped me to learn to play piano –FAST!  I have several years of experience playing different band instruments in school.  Troy showed me which keys on the piano related to their musical notes.  In addition to his weekly teaching method books, and music theory lessons, I was able to download sheet music of the songs I like, and in just a few months I was able to play songs!”

Theresa Carey

professional, organized, patient and encouraging music teacher

“Our family is happy to have chosen Troy to come to our house to teach piano and guitar. Troy is professional, organized, patient and always encouraging. Troy is a talented musician and his enthusiasm for music is helping my kids learn proper technique while having a great time.”

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Terry Arellano

an excellent guitar teacher

“Troy is an excellent guitar instructor and really connects with his students and truly cares about them too! We were so blessed to have him teach our son as he turned him into an amazing guitar player. Not to mention we loved the convenience of him coming to your home as well.”

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Grace Munoz

a positive & encouraging music teacher

“Troy has been teaching my daughter guitar and my son piano (yes!  he does that, too) for over 3 years.   He is a very positive person and always encourages them.  Also, Troy lets the kids choose songs that they like, from Bob Marley to Maroon 5!”

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John Beans

tri-valley music teacher is the “real deal”

classical-guitar-lessons-testimonial-john-beans“Our son has been taking guitar lessons with the Tri-Valley Music Teacher, Troy Dameron, for the last three years and we recommend him highly. We heard about him kind of like this from a friend in the area and we have been super happy with him. So now we are passing along the tip. Troy is a joy, and my son and the other kids we know who have been taught by him really enjoy not only his guitar chops (he’s the real deal) but how fun he is to be around. He makes it easy for the kids to stick with it. Recommended!”

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Charli Butterfield

we’re learning guitar together

guitar-lesson-in-home-testimonial“My son wanted a guitar for Christmas.  I made him a “Pinky Swear” he would learn to play the guitar if I got him one (makes good sense).  One of my colleagues at work had a son taking guitar lessons from Troy and gave me his number.  Can you believe it, he comes to your home!  Ok…So Matthew didn’t know the first thing about playing, and neither did I.  He came for a lesson, and taught Matthew a few basic skills.  After he left, I picked up the guitar and looked at what Matthew had learned.  The next thing you know, I was sitting in on the lessons!  No matter what, Matthew would not give up his guitar lessons.  They are very important to him.  We actually sit down and learn something together on our guitars.  We practice together, and we have both been playing guitar and taking lessons with Troy for 6+ years.  Our practice times are a very special time for my son and I, and Troy is like family.  Troy has taught Matthew to play Jazz, and Matthew joined the Jazz band in school.  He has also taught us to play rock and roll, and Matthew is getting ready to sit in with a performing band!”

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Brian Arvin

a teacher who connects

beginning-guitar-lessons-testimonial-parent“Troy has been teaching guitar to both my daughter (now age 18) and my son (now age 14) for two years.  What stands out about Troy is not only his skills at teaching music, but his ability to connect with kids in a genuine way which inspires them not only in guitar but in other areas of their life.  Troy is a great communicator, always on time and completely trustworthy!  He is a rare find and we feel fortunate to have Troy in our lives.”

Don DeSmidt

my son is learning to love music!

advanced-guitar-lessons-testimonial-parent“First and foremost, I have gained another common point with my son. CJ has developed a love for music. All kinds of music, and he has a leaning towards my favorite genre, the Blues. He and I are able to listen and talk about music and his playing all the time. He shares his excitement when he figures out a riff or creates a lead and that connection may never have happened if Troy had not taken the time to share his passion and help CJ understand and believe that he can do anything he sets his mind to.

I have also gained an advocate in the Guitar Teacher (Troy). I can share things about Music and playing guitar that CJ might enjoy learning, and The Guitar Teacher implements and encourages CJ to look into it without the pressure of his father.

So as you can see I have gained much more than the physical enjoyment of hearing CJ play and learn, I have gained more time with my son.”

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Gapps Natesan

you can expect the best with tri-valley music teacher!

guitar-lessons-for-beginners=testimonial-parent“Umesh enjoys his guitar lessons thanks to Troy.  We like it that he not only teaches him to play the guitar but also how to maintain his guitar (changing strings, etc.).  Troy is committed, punctual, trustworthy, and dependable.  These are qualities in a teacher that we have come to expect from Troy.  Thank you Troy for helping Umesh get accepted into the Jazz band at school, and for working with him to help him learn about achieving his goals.”

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Jamie Holmes

a great music teacher who works with special needs kids

guitar-lessons-music-lessons-in-home-special-needs-testimonial-parent“I can’t say enough good things about my son learning to play guitar with Troy.  Troy is a great, enthusiastic, positive teacher that adapts his teaching strategies to my specific needs son who has severe dyslexia.  The guitar lessons have helped give a giant boost to his self-esteem in addition to great practice for his very problematic reading skills.  The wonderful thing about it is that Troy’s enthusiastic and energized style works wonderfully with music’s ability to bring life and joy into my son’s life.  By practicing his guitar, he is reading in a way that brings him joy.  I can honestly say they are his most joy filled reading sessions ever! And, it all happens so naturally.  I love watching how beautiful it is.  I really thank God for Troy in our lives!”

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