Troy Dameron has been providing in home music lessons for guitar, piano, and other instruments, since 2002.  With over 50 years of musical experience, Troy is keenly aware of what it takes to help his students grow as musicians.  While the lessons are structured, the emphasis is always on having fun while learning.  Most of Troy’s students remain with him until they graduate from high school.  For adult learners, the relaxing atmosphere of having music lessons at home promote a more productive learning environment.

Troy works with children, teens, and adults.  Beginner to advanced levels of musicianship.  Whether learning to play for fun or professional aspiration, Troy’s individualized lesson programming helps you to achieve your full potential as a musical artist.  Troy has had several students play and perform in their jazz bands at school.  Others have formed bands and even toured throughout California during spring break.  Some have pursued college degrees in music and recording engineering.

Troy’s in home music instruction maximizes learning, and minimizes the stress of having to drive to another activity.  Parents and students alike are amazed at how fast they learn to play their instruments.  Troy attributes these rapid results to a single factor – home.  Having lessons at home instead of some stuffy music studio seems to make learning music more easy and fun.

From the outset, Troy sets the standard of excellence high in musicianship.  The individual attention he provides for his students fosters an atmosphere of positive and productive growth.  His strong emphasis in learning the fundamentals of music enables his students to not only become accomplished in their respective instruments, but gives them the confidence and ability to expand their musical capabilities in learning to play other instruments as well.

For the safety and peace of mind of Troy’s students and parents, he is registered with Sterling Background Check. Local references are also available upon request.